Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amanda's Intro

Hi, I am Amanda and I am currently going to school at UW Oshkosh for Elementary Education grades 1-8 with a minor in Mathematics. I was born in St. Charles Illinois but have lived in Wisconsin for 16 years of my life. I enjoy outdoor activities as well as any type of sport. For the little free time I have I enjoy spending time with family and friends and playing with my little dog Chewy. I have an older brother, younger brother, and younger sister as well as 5 loving dogs in my family. I have worked for 4 years through the YMCA aftercare program and have gained lots of experience with many types of children. I currently reception at a salon on the days I don't have class, which is very little!! I will be graduating in Fall 2011 if my plan carries out correctly! I hope to find a teaching job in the area if possible after graduation.

I think that the team name was chosen because Kamkwamba was an inspiration to everyone. He was able to create this machine out of basically nothing and did what he could to succeed. He helped his family and did what he could to expand his knowledge and be able to get back in school and be educated. Sometimes we need to be think about what we have and be greatful.

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