Monday, September 20, 2010

Brandon's Intro


My name is Brandon. I graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2004 with an Environmental Science degree and now I am in the act! program to get my broadfield science certification 6-12. For the past 6 years I have worked for an AudioVisual Integrator in Milwaukee. About 2 years into my job I left and worked at an Environmental Consulting Firm, however, that wasn't a good fit for me and I had a great opportunity to return back to my current place of employment where I am today. I still have been passionate about science and through great opportunities of working with kids, I've come to the conclusion that teaching would be a perfect fit for me!

I have taught 4th and 5th graders in Sunday school for 3 years; I have coached 5th-6th grade boys basketball for 4 years, and I have coached 7th-8th grade and U15 boys volleyball as well. I continue to get myself involved in role model situations and love setting good examples.

Currently I am living in Menomonee Falls (I'm originally from Appleton--Appleton West graduate '00) and still putting in full-time hours at my job while carrying two classes, one of which is from Virginia Community College!! I am very happy with the act! program as it is totally geared for the working adult... I hope to be student teaching in the spring semester of 2012....

I watched the video clip of Kamkwamba and think the team blog was named after that gentleman because of his ingenuity to create something no one has seen in his region.

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