Monday, November 15, 2010

Bringing it all together

At first I found it difficult to narrow down my research to one of my 5 questions. I decided to begin my research with looking at how to teach Science to Elementary students effectively. I looked at many articles and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. It began to get quite frustrating. I finally found something that helped.

My first blog discussed and looked at 10 different tips I found on teaching science effectively. A few of these tips weren't a surprise to me because some of them came from science inquiry. Teachers should provide leading questions for students as well as encourage students to form questions. This will help students engage more and follow along searching for answers and becoming up with questions about what they would like to know. Hands on activities are also important to keep Science fun.

My second blog focused more on strategies directly towards specific aspects of science, not just science in general. I looked at importance of measuring data as one of them. This discussed what measuring data was and why teachers should teach this well. Being able to measure data accurately helps when observing your data. If you measure it inaccurately you may get the wrong idea on what is presented.

When researching strategies and tips in teaching Science effectively I came across the importance of using differentiation. This brought me to my next idea for a blog. When researching differentiation in the classroom a popular thing that came up was using technology in the classroom. The article I researched looked at the ways you can utilize technology well in your classroom.

After researching the ways you are able to use technology I wanted to look at the specific benefits using technology can develop. I was surprised to see that using technology could affect students motivation along with their self esteem. I didn't picture those as being benefits from technology until researching this.

During my research regarding benefits of technology I noticed that some teachers may have difficulties using technology in their classroom because of their lack of knowledge pertaining to technology. Teachers aren't going to use technology that their students know more about then they do. I found a website directed towards teachers to help them learn more about technology and to keep them up to date on the latest uses of technology. I also learned about the benefits of specific technology. I never knew that Twitter could be used for educational purposes and be useful.

I next took research on technology and decided to look at not only the benefits for students but specific interactive websites for ELL students. I found a great website that listed many websites for multiple subjects. I mentioned and highlighted on a few pertaining to science but there were many other great ones for reading and social studies. However I didn't see very many sites looking at mathematics for ELL students. I would like to look into that some more.

After looking at using technology for ELL students I wanted to look at just teaching strategies in general for science and ELL students. I found a four-step process for this. I would like to research more on these four steps and maybe find alternatives other than just these. While looking at what I wanted to blog about next I found myself not staying directly toward my original question but I bounced off the blog before. I found out many new things I didn't know before and also was able to find great resources while commenting on other peer's work.

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