Monday, November 15, 2010

How can you effectively use technology in the elementary classroom?

After doing my last post on engaging students in the classroom and seeing that most examples pointed teachers towards websites and technology, I think it is important to understand the right and wrong ways to use the technology in the classroom. Teachers must be aware that the use of technology does not replace a lesson taught in the classroom. Technology should be used to enhance lessons that students have already learned, or to get assess where your students are at before you begin a lesson. It should never be used as a lesson itself.

This website offers a few examples for how to use certain technology properly in the classroom:

This website offers a few examples for how to use certain technology properly in the classroom:
This site has some great examples of how new technology has effected today’s classroom. It gives examples such as:

• Change in Student and Teacher Roles
• Increased Motivation and Self Esteem
• Technical Skills
• Accomplishment of More Complex Tasks
• More Collaboration with Peers
• Increased Use of Outside Resources
• Improved Design Skills/Attention to Audience

This last source I found, A video has neat ideas, I like the how he says to use music more. I do think that students do work better when music is being played, and not many people think about it as technology!

Overall, teachers must be careful how they use technology in the classroom, and also realize that not all students will have the same technology at home. They will have to consider that there may be some students who will not even know the basics of a computer, like how to use the mouse. In my current placement, we took the students to a computer lab, and some of the students had no idea how to even use a computer. Although most people think the majority of families now have computers at home, a teacher must assume the opposite and be willing to teach basic concepts.


  1. I definitely agree that using technology should not replace your duties as a teacher but enhance what you are teaching. I love the idea of using music more in the classroom, not only is it kind of fun for the students but it is proven that listening to music helps students retain knowledge. We have talked about in class also to make sure that teachers do not assign core assignments to be done using a computer at home. Like you said some students may not have computers at home so they would not be able to complete the assignment.

  2. I agree that technology can be a great thing if used right. Many teachers use it to give themselves more time to work, but what they do not realize is the important one on one time they are taking away form the kids. I liked the list of how technology has effected the classroom. Many of the ideas on the list I have never thought about, this post has given me a new way of looking at technology.