Saturday, November 20, 2010

Resources and support for the technologically minded teacher

Throughout my blog posts I’ve presented a tid bit of information on implementing technology in the classroom. Since this is my last post on this research, you may begin to ask yourself the question of “where would I turn for more information in this topic?” Alas! That very concern is what I’ll be addressing today.

The web is full of resources when you do a quick search for implementing technology in a classroom. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming when sorting through advertisement links, pages not found, and repeating content. As I solution, I am going to suggest going to and use the search dropdown to select books. Yes, books! Even though I’ve been pressing forward with new interactive engaging technologies, a book is a very helpful tool and I feel is best to resort to so we don’t have to be at a computer all day. A book can fit in a backpack, purse, or be placed at the side of the bed.

Here are three books that I think would be a good guide for the teacher that wants to really utilize technology in their science or regular classroom. All three books are less than $25 cost new, and can be purchased used!

Another mode of support to help you get a grasp on all the technological mayhem is to join the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Becoming a member allows you access to numerous articles, as well as a subscription to a magazine and/or email newsletter. I’ve been a member for a couple of months and have used some of their content in my prior technology blog posts. Edutopia is also a fantastic site that has great information to help you with understanding technology in the classroom.

The last thing I want to leave my readers with (before posting a conglomerate summary of my postings) is a video of the top ten tricks for using technology in the classroom. I think this is a great culmination of engaging students with the effective use of technology! Please take special note what the narrator says at the conclusion of the video (prior to the thanks for listening)

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  1. Thank you for this information. I have to admit I'm not very tech savvy and am slightly intimidated by the technological knowledge of our students. I'm going to have to read up and practice with technology to feel comfortable enough to use it in my classroom. I do feel it is important for teachers to use technology in the classroom I'm just not sure how much is needed. Using technology as a way to enhance science learning is a great tool. I'm just a bit leary of becoming dependent on it as a teaching tool.