Monday, November 15, 2010

How to get young elementary students engaged in science

It is important to get younger elementary students engaged in science. I feel that when I was in school, science was always boring until I had a teacher who made it both fun and engaging. I learned so much more that year than I did in all my other elementary years combined. By making it more interesting and doing more hands on activities, my classmates and me couldn’t wait for science class. Here are some examples for how to start to get students engaged in your science classrooms:

Use engaging websites, here is a site that lists a few more than 20 websites that can be used in the classroom. Although some are better than others, it is a great start! Teacher must remember though that websites are not replacements for classroom teaching and activities. They should only be used to enhance a lesson already taught.

Write effective lesson plans, This site explains some ways to help you make your science lesson plans effective and engaging for students. It also gives an example of an effective lesson plan.

This website gives a lot of different ways and examples to get students engaged. It is a great resource if you are ever having a hard time or are stuck and can’t think of how to get students engaged. It also talks about how students who act out are not always “bad” students, but that most of the time it’s because the activity you are doing in the class is not engaging, and they see no point to do it. You have to make all lessons important. I believe that if you as a teacher make the lesson important to you, the students will see that and also make it important to them.

This article from The National Center on Teacher Learning from Michigan State University gives specific examples of how to get students engaged and even what to say if you are having a hard time.


  1. I agree with you in that the teacher makes the science class. I remember in early years of science just having to read the text book and do worksheets. I hated science class each day. But then in 5th grade I had the best science teacher! We did so many hands on activities and me and other classmates enjoyed class every day. Our class was always eager to learn something new.

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