Monday, November 15, 2010

Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

In a previous blog I looked at different tips in teaching science in elementary school. When researching I found that using differentiation will help keep students engaged rather than keeping your lessons similar each day. One way that constantly came up was using technology in the classroom. I found a website discussing specific benefits and reasons for integrating it in the classroom.

This website talks about using technology with other bits and pieces in your lesson. By integrating technology students are able to see and use the Internet for up to date information on what they are learning. For younger grades using the Internet for fun activities to introduce a lesson or conclude a lesson is a great idea. When looking at technology in the classroom I found some great activities on the Scholastic website.

In our k-1 classroom my partner and I taught weather for the week. I found a great activity for students to use called weather watch. During our lesson we discussed many types of tools for measuring weather. This activity weather watch has a variety of activities using different tools, observing and tracking clouds in the sky, forecasting the weather and looking at different climates. In this website you can choose a subject and grade for online activities for students to use.

If we were able to use technology in our placement I think students would have really benefited from this weather activity. It provided key background knowledge in steps and activities students can complete by using this. Students in our class looked at measuring the wind, using a rain gage, and using thermometers. This part of the activity students can practice using these tools and others.

I found this video clip looking at a specific school and what they have used technology for.

By using technology students can add to their learning with hands on activities. Sometimes they can advance their learning with technology and not even know it by playing games related to specific units. They may think they are getting to play games when really they are learning more while doing it! The question I have is what if you are unable to utilize the benefits of technology because of budget and the lack of computers?

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